The Messenger


Miracles Happen Every Day

Hello, my name is Cheryl and I thank you for your interest in how I became the messenger. My Dad left his human life on June 12th, 2016 due to a massive heart attack. It was a very long and devastating evening as it happened around 4 pm,so that night I went to bed very tired. In the middle of the night I opened my eyes to roll over and get comfortable I heard my Dad's voice. He said, "Cher tell Mom I'm sorry but I had to go." I thought, "wow I must be over tired!" So I rolled back over and tried to go to sleep. Again, I opened my eyes and heard the same message "Cher tell Mom I'm sorry but I had to go." I started to rub my temples and pinch the skin on my arm just to make sure I was awake. I immediately thought to myself, "if that's you, Dad, can't you just tell her yourself because it will sound bizarre coming from me." Not hearing a response, I again tried to go back to sleep. A short while later I opened my eyes for the third time and I'm sure you can guess what I heard. "Cher tell Mom I'm..." and before he could finish I quickly thought, "OH GOD, is that really my Dad?" Then I heard a very deep voice exclaim, "YES!" I jumped up so fast. I WAS  hearing my Dad's voice and that was God telling me so. I told my Mom what I just experienced and I thank God she believed me and continues to believe in me. That was just the beginning of all the miracles that I am so fortunate to experience. I thank God every day that I can hear my Dad and so many others in the spiritual world.


The Gift From God

After my first encounter hearing my Dad I needed to talk to someone to make sure I wasn't going crazy. I started with the priest at our church, Father John. I told him I could hear my Dad's voice and if I didn't deliver the message to the person he wants me to, he keeps repeating it. I also asked him why my mother and my brother can't hear his voice. Father John said, "In the inner circle of a family, this doesn't mean that your father loves you any more or any less but loves you all the same. You have an open mind and heart and when he passed his spirit latched on to your spirit and you now have a spiritual bond with your Dad." He went on saying, "you are the messenger just like John was in the bible. John could hear Jesus  and would have to ask questions and get answers so he could deliver the message to the people." I told him I could hear other voices too. He said "If you believe you will not lose this gift." I also shared my miracles with another priest who then told me I was "the chosen one."

Wanting to share this new gift with others by talking to their loved ones, my Aunt Judy wanted to make sure I was safe from bad spirits. She recommended I see a woman by the name of Donna Marie who has been a Reiki Master for 25 years. I called her and told her about everything that was happening. I told her that I felt dizzy, light headed, and nauseated sometimes. She recommended an attunement so I can be grounded. While in the class with her she was very surprised and told me that I have nothing to worry about and that I have the highest power that is protecting me. She told me that Jesus was on my right side. I felt so much happiness inside that I began to shake and cry.

I thank God for his only begotten son who is walking beside me and showing me the path that I am now taking. I thank him not only because I can talk to my Dad every day but I can now share this miracle with you and help you talk to your loved one. I also thank the spirits for coming through and talking to me so I can give their message to their loved ones here on earth.

Please allow me to share this amazing gift God has given me. Get in touch with me so I can contact the ones you love who left their human life and are now in spirit.


Thank You

I will ask God and Jesus to bring them to us to talk and communicate with. To help answer any questions that you have for them. Always remember they are just a thought away and a phone call for you . We don't have to meet. Your loved one comes through while I am talking to you. They are right there. I can also meet with you. Just email me.  or call 1-920-221-0800. Thank you.